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Low Loss microwave cables


Low Loss assemblies, fit for purpose, DC 26 GHz., cost effective with excellent properties.


Please choose one of the following product categories:


High Performance (minimum attenuation and VSWR) low loss coaxial cables type UFP. 



The High Performance coaxial cables have been developed for applications where the demand is low attenuation and VSWR. The High Performance cables have a solid inner conductor making them less appropriate for applications where a long flex-life is required. The dielectric is made of foamed PTFE, but with a lesser air content than our Ultra Low Loss cables have.


The High Performance low loss coaxial cables are available for frequencies from DC up to 26 GHz. A cost effective alternative with similar mechanical characteristics as the Ultra Low Loss cables.


  Cable type  

  Max. frequency    


Attenuation at max. F

LL 160 UFP

18 GHz.

4,0 mm

1,7 dB/m

LL 142 UFP

18 GHz.

4,95 mm

1,4 dB/m

LL 335 UFP

18 GHz.

8,5 mm

0,85 dB/m




HF (flexible alternative for semi rigid) low loss coaxial cables type UFP. 




The HF coax type has a shield of silver plated copper tape and a silver plated braid making it a flexible alternative for the well-known semi rigid coaxes. With similar dimensions and electrical specifications the HF coax type gives equal stability in electrical performance.


The HF cables can however not be equipped with the standard coaxial connectors designed for MIL-C-17 semi rigid coax. Gigalink MCE has developed a wide range of special adapted connectors allowing the cables to vibrate and move without damaging the solder-joint . No special tooling is needed for the mounting of the connector.


Cable type

Max. frequency


Attenuation at max. F

HF 086 UFP

18 GHz.

2,64 mm

3,61 dB/m

HF 141 UFP

18 GHz.

4,14 mm

2,1 dB/m




Field coaxial cables type G




Gigalink MCE is introducing a low cost, highly user friendly range of cables. These cables have good electrical characteristics up to 4 GHz. The dielectrics are made of foamed polyethylene with a 84% velocity of propagation. The double screens are a combination of mylar backed copper tapes with overall copper braids. The polyurethane outer-jackets ensure a mechanically strong protection of the cables, giving the cables an extended temperature range (-40 +95 degree C) compared to PVC jacketed cables.


The G 120 P cable is an excellent alternative to the MIL-C-17 coaxial cables RG 11, RG 213,  RG 214 and RG 217. The lower attenuation and better shielding efficiency guarantees a trouble free use of this cable.


Cable type

Max. frequency


Attenuation at max. F

G 120 P

4 GHz.

12,5 mm

0,32 dB/m

G 180 P

4 GHz.

18 mm

0,24 dB/m


Did you know? 


If flexibility is what you are looking for in a microwave cable keep in mind that your attenuation will increase.


Low Loss and Ultra Low Loss cables are constructed with a solid innerconductor. All cables for flexible use have an innerconductor made out of 7 or19 or a higher number of strands.


Although the quality of the copper and silverplating is in both cases similar, using a stranded conductor gives typically an increase of attenuation levels of approximately 30%. If the frequency allows you should consider a bigger diameter cable.



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