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Low Cost Ultra Low Loss microwave cables




A low cost alternative for Ultra Low Loss cables is the GMR series. GMR coaxial cables are developed for use in a wide variety of wireless applications. They are communication cables giving you a very high electrical performance at the costs of a standard RG coax.


The GMR cables have an electrical performance comparable to traditional corrugated copper cables but are highly flexible, non-kinking and are much easier for handling and connector installation. Compared to RG coax type braided cables GMR cables offer much lower signal losses and a better shielding performance. The use of polyethylene jackets make the GMR cables highly weather resistant.


Cable type

Max. frequency


Attenuation at max. F

GMR 100

6 GHz.

2,79 mm

2,1 dB/m

GMR 195

6 GHz.

4,95 mm

0,93 dB/m

GMR 200

6 GHz.

4,95 mm

0,87 dB/m

GMR 240

6 GHz.

6,1 mm

0,67 dB/m

GMR 300

6 GHz.

7,62 mm

0,54 dB/m

GMR 400

6 GHz.

10,29 mm

0,36 dB/m

GMR 500

6 GHz.

12,70 mm

0,29 dB/m

GMR 600

6 GHz.

14,99 mm

0,24 dB/m


Did you know? 


The Dielectric of Ultra Low Loss cable is made of PTFE Teflon with an very high air content.


This type of material is known as expanded PTFE.


The content of the air determines the velocity of propagation. The higher the velocity, the lower the losses of the cable will be.


If you take a piece of PTFE tape with a high content of air and you let it drop, it will act as an feather of a bird.


The production of the dielectric is very delicate and has a great influence on the production speed.



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