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RF products, the widest range


Ultra Low Loss Microwave Cable Assemblies 


The widest range Ultra Low Loss cables, DC 65 GHz., high power, special designs for field, shipboard and high dynamic use, extensive range of connectors available, also for use in high vacuum high power applications. Lowest guaranteed maximum losses available in the market.


Low Loss Microwave Cable Assemblies


Low Loss assemblies, fit for purpose, DC 26 GHz., cost effective with excellent properties.


RF Connectors


Precision connectors, adapted to the coaxial cable, extensive range of standards, high vacuum, high power, special adaptations of the connector body or coupling nut, different materials and platings for professional and commercial applications.


RF Adapters


Precision adapters, between- and inter-series, large range of possibilities for DC 65 GHz., commercial versions with outstanding price performance ratio.


Semi Rigid Coax


The widest range Semi Rigid coaxial cables, DC 65 GHz. and beyond, high speed/high frequency signals in a static environment. Shielding greater than -130 dB over the complete frequency range. Low attenuation, low VSWR, elimination of radiation leakage and high power handling. Mil-C-17 QPL, super hand formable, non magnetic, special impedances, Low Loss versions. Also derivative flexible versions are available.


Low Cost Ultra Low Loss Transmission Cables


Transmission lines for antenna's up to 5,6 GHz. Foamed Polyethylene dielectrics and a combined screen of aluminium foil and braided copper wires. Halogen Free Flame Retardant outer jacket suitable for safe indoor installation. Wide range of crimp connectors available, also with slide-on contacts.


Did you know? 


Semi Rigid coax exists for decades and gives excellent stability in electrical performance. The cables are described in the MIL-C-17 to ensure constant quality.


From the telecommunication industry the request came to make more flexible types with similar dimensional and electrical specifications.


Two alternative types have been developed :

1. Tin dipped screens

2. Shield of silver plated copper tape and a silver plated braid.



Both types have been on the market for more than 5 years and performing very well.


The flexible cables can however not be equipped with the standard  coaxial connectors designed for MIL-C-17 semi rigid coax.


Gigalink MCE has deve-loped special connectors allowing the cables to vibrate and move without damaging the solder-joint . No special tooling is needed for the mounting of the connector.



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