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Connection technology experts


Gigalink MCE designs and supplies high quality connection products. We have invested heavily in increasing our product knowledge over the last 35 years, where we have developped as specialists in Microwave connections and cables systems for dynamic applications.


Our partners allow us to supply the widest range of products available, mostly fit for purpose and designed to meet your requirements, electrically, mechanically, and in budget.



RF interconnections


Gigalink MCE offers the widest range of flexible high frequency signal transmission cables and assemblies, semi rigid cables and assemblies and connectors in the market. It is our task to select the right product from our possibilities to meet your program requirements.


Microwave coaxial cables from the lowest losses at 60 GHz. to standard MIL-C-17 cables.


Coaxial connectors from special designed slide on 26 GHz. to standard BNC for RG 58


Coaxial adapters, precision stainless steel or plated brass, in a very wide range of in series and between series.


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Cable solutions for demanding applications


Gigalink has more than 30 years expierence in dynamically used cables for mostly demanding applcations. Our expierence goes way back to the 1980's with regards to underwatercable, robotic cables, cables for high temperatures, chemicals and environment as air and space.


Our knowledge and avaiability of a large range of materials allow us to design a fit for purpose cable with typically a 4 - 6 week lead time and surprising low MOQ


Gigalink MCE is the first in Europe to introduce flexible, silicone encapsulated flatcable revolutionizing the market for dynamically used cables.


Not only cable but also the connectors are vital parts with regard to the reliability of your connections system. We supply the connectors adapted to the cable and we also offer harnessing services.


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Did you know? 


The Royal Dutch Navy and the Royal Belgian Navy are using our A 90 PPP Ultra Low Loss microwave cable as their standard shipboard cable, up to 18 GHz. signal frequency.


First installed in 1992 with a maximum attenuation at 18 GHz of 0,65 dB/meter. In 2007 the cables were measured again and a general increase of 0,02dB per meter was found.


A90 PPP cables are installed unprotected behind ladders etc. Fixation is made by Ty-Raps, no special connec-tions.



We have simplyfied the connectors to allow an easy mounting, vital for a troublefree and high quality repair.


Choosing A 90 PPP has been an excellent eco-nomic desision. Gigalink will give a life time guarantee on this product.




Ultra Low loss



Low Loss



RF connectors



RF adapters



Semi Rigid



Low Cost ULL




Cable Solutions




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