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Based in Rotterdam


Gigalink MCE BV is based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


Our contact details are as follows:


Gigalink MCE BV

Rotterdam Building 8F.B015 - Aert van Nesstraat 45

3012 CA Rotterdam

The Netherlands


Tel:   +31 (0)10 789 1122

Fax:  +31 (0)10 789 1144


e-mail: qstn@gigalink-mce.com




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Rotterdam has the biggest harbour in Europe, and the 4th biggest in the world. This harbour makes Rotterdam the economic heart of the Netherlands where huge petrochemical industry, transport companies and all type of supporting industries are located.


The city has been rebuilt after the devastating bombardment in the second world war. The municipal authorities have never been afraid to make challenging choices and the result is a very modern city with eye on future development. The river Maas divides the city in two parts and has been and still is the lifeline of the city. The river is wide enough to accept the biggest cruiseliners which are moored in the centre next to the Erasmus bridge. The highest office building and apartment building of the Netherlands are located in Rotterdam.


People living in and originating from Rotterdam are very proud of the city and what has been achieved over the last 40 years.



More information on Rotterdam follow this link of Rotterdam Tourist Information.



Did you know? 


The Rotterdam City Council has no real limitations when it comes the creation of new buildings.


That is why Rotterdam is one of the true iconic cities of modern architecture.


The most recent addition of challeging building projects is " De Markthal "


A covered foodmarket, completely integrated in an appartment building. Open all days of the year.


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Gigalink MCE BV - Rotterdam Building 8F.B015 - Aert van Nesstraat 45 - 3012 CA Rotterdam - The Netherlands

 Tel: +31 (0)10 789 1122 - Fax: +31 (0)10 789 1144 - mail: qstn@gigalink-mce.com


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