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Innovative cable solutions


Our experience is not limited to RF products. In the market for electrical cables for demanding applications, we have a well recognized expertise.


Custom designed cables for demanding applications are an other expertise of Gigalink MCE. We provide a balance of commercial and technical requirements to offer cost-effective design solutions, short lead-times of typically 4-6 weeks for our custom designed multi core cables and low minimum order quantities as little as 100 meters for special cables.


We offer a solution where your connections will meet harsh mechanical requirements.



Knowledge through experience


Gigalink cooperates with Novacavi in Milano, Italy, a cable producer with over 35 years of experience in the production of electrical cables for application where demanding requirements are necessary, being harsh environments, additional normalisations or a combination of both, like in subsea-, transport-, steel- and defence industry.


To fulfil this wide range of requirements the production equipment of Novacavi is able to process and build virtually any type of cable, construction and material.



Silicone Flatcables


Gigalink MCE is the first in Europe to introduce flexible, silicone encapsulated flat cable revolutionizing the market for dynamically used cables. this unique product is manufactured by Cicoil Corporation, "the clear choice in flexible flatcables". 


Silicone Flat Cable are extremely suitable for use in applications where repetitive motion, vibration, harsh environments, temperature extremes, and confined spaces are to be considered. 


The silicone flatcables are also available in standard 1 mm or 1,27 mm pitch AWG 28 for use on IDC connectors.

5 Big Reasons for Flexible Flat Cable from Cicoil

Flexibility - Flat cable excels in linear motion and tight-space applications. And Cicoil silicone flat cable is the champ—running for millions of flex cycles. Cicoil flat cable flexibility is unsurpassed, featuring bend radii as small as 1,5 mm.

Variety - We can quickly make a flexible flat cable to fit any application. The unique extrusion process manufactures silicone flat cable from a wide variety of wire conductors, clear tubing, and even fiber-optics.

Durability - All conductors are encapsulated in crystal-clear silicone, creating a tough, highly reliable silicone high flex flat cable.

Extreme Environments - Cicoil silicone flat cable performs in temperatures from -65 C to + 260 C, in clean rooms, under vacuum, and during exposure to water, oil, and chemicals.

Quality - All delivered product will go through ISO 9001 certified quality control, including the AS 9100 aerospace standard. 100% of our flat silicone cables are strenuously tested to ensure optimum performance.



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Gigalink MCE delivers special designed cables in typically 4-6 working weeks?



The MOQ for special designed cables can be as low as 100 meters?




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