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With over 30 years of experience Gigalink MCE are experts in high quality cable connections.

Gigalink MCE is supplier of the well-known ALPEN Microwave high performance cable assemblies.

We offer fit for purpose solutions, designed to meet your technical requirements, both electrical and mechanical. We do so within your budget, or decreasing the cost levels with your current suppliers.

Gigalink MCE delivers to the most demanding markets: aerospace and defence as well as to telecommunication and test and measurement applications.

Gigalink MCE will gladly help you designing your connection systems using all our experience and the knowledge of our partners. Please call us for more information.

Experts in RF interconnections

As experts in microwave connection technology we understand your demands on VSWR, attenuation, power handling, phase matching and resistance to harsh environments as no other.

Gigalink MCE offers the widest range of flexible high frequency signal transmission cables and assemblies, semi rigid cables and assemblies and connectors in the market. It is our task to select the right product from our possibilities to meet your program requirements.

Innovative cable solutions


Our experience is not limited to RF products. In the market for electrical cables for demanding applications, we have a well recognized expertise.

Gigalink MCE is the first in Europe to introduce flexible, silicone encapsulated flat cable revolutionizing the market for dynamically used cables. Offering higher current carrying capacity, extreme flexibility, easy termination and space efficiency, silicone encapsulated cables have a wide variety of possibilities in robotic, airborne, military and space applications. We also supply our silicone encapsulated flat cable in a halogen free version.

Custom designed cables for demanding applications are another expertise of Gigalink MCE. We provide a balance of commercial and technical requirements to offer cost-effective design solutions, short lead-times of typically 4-6 weeks for our custom designed multi core cables and low minimum order quantities as little as 100 meters for special cables.

We offer a solution where your connections will meet harsh mechanical requirements.

News ยป

New connectors for Tin Filled Semi rigid and Flexible Semi Rigid cables.

The extended soldering ferrule simplifies the mounting procedures and dramatically increases the electrical and mechanical quality of the connection.

Robotic Cables

Innovative materials and long experience ensure the optimum construction for a trouble free operation of your robotic installation.